Preparation. Inspiration. Education.

PSR Divisions

  • PSR's "Train Like Pro" Experience for Teams, Clubs, & Organizations  

    • Soccer Specific Movement Mechanics Training & Concepts  

  • PSR's Player Development Pathway 

    • Individual Training​

    • Small-Group Training

  • Pro Pathway

    • Player Development​

    • Mentorship

Professional Soccer Resource (PSR)  has quickly become Southern California’s Elite Training Program due to our unique and innovative approach to player development.


As former USMNT/USWNT players, we have a unique level of experience & knowledge and have created specialized programs that accelerate player development by sustaining an environment that promotes a higher-level understanding and provides advanced video technology to enhance the learning process.


Ultimately, Our goal is to foster a professional level of understanding in an environment designed to Prepare, Inspire, & Educate Athletes by breaking down the Skills, Techniques, and Concepts required at the highest levels of the game.


This helps athletes become familiar with each step allowing them to anticipate, recognize, adjust, and learn to self-correct. 


PSR is a small group of Passionate and Experienced former USMNT, USWNT and Retired MLS Professionals that are dedicated to helping our future generation surpass our accomplishments.

We are Training & Development Specialist dedicated to Preparing, Inspiring, and Educating players who are committed to reaching their true potential.